Customer Support


Global Client Success Director

  • Customer success and performance driven executive with 17 years  of experience working with  fortune 500 enterprises and academic institutions achieve their desired outcomes effectively
  • Have delivered more than 30+  structured Customer success programs with  distinctive experiences which has enabled customers to realize value from their services for Volvo, iHeartMedia, eBay, Safeway and Dorman
  • Masters in Strategic Management & Leadership, Indiana , Masters in Computer Science . New Hampshire

We treat our customers as business partners and we take every measure to ensure that we serve them better and support them to build their business. We have our Customer success officer and team who interacts with the leadership team of the customers focusing on customer retenship, real-time analytics. The customer success managers do the best they can to anticipate everything that users need.

We have customer support metrics in place to understand the issues arising and measuring how quickly we can address them. These indicators represent an excellent opportunity to identify the weak points of the service provided and to take decisions.

We have escalation management plan in place to re-prioritize, reassign, and monitor a situation to a satisfactory completion. Escalations may be functional with a workflow based escalation or hierarchical. In case of hierarchical escalations, the customer team in the first level escalates to the program manager, second level to customer success officer and in the third level to directo

Customer Support Metrics What is measured Target/Rationale
Tickets Number of tickets per user Should be decreasing with product and touchpoint updates
Tickets per Feature Category Percentage of tickets per feature category Should be decreasing with product and touchpoint updates
Repeat Tickets Percentage of queries not solved after one ticket Should be below 25%
Average Time to Ticket Resolution How long it takes on average to solve a user query Between 4 to 24 hours depending on product and query complexity, and ideally during office hours
Customer Effort Score Measures how hard it is to use a product, specific feature, or else Should be decreasing with product and touchpoint updates

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