Application Support & Maintenance

Whether the requirement is an inventory of applications across the organization, or a review of risks threatening sustainability, or a comprehensive assessment of the portfolio, there’s no bar that we are afraid to tackle. Through a process that certifiably works, we do everything from the initial handholding and knowledge transfer to the environment and team setup and production support through transition stages to environment and team setup, to tools and measurement followed by the eventual escalation and feedback for constant improvements.

UX Modernization

Our expertise is in rich, cross-browser, interfaces with the latest HTML5 technologies and supporting frameworks. Through a rigorous, metrics-driven approach, we develop and maintain UIs that are modular, extensible and maintainable. Whether your need is a single-page app or a more complex UI with multiple modules, we’ve been there and we’ve done it. We also make it our priority to advise your teams on patterns, practices, and policies for effective UI/UX development!


Whether you’re looking to attempt a large-scale migration or a start a process of upgradation, we’re in the know! Our service offerings in migration range from platform/server based ones to BI migrations, to mobile migration porting services and content and data migrations. When it comes to upgrades, we have a demonstrable track record as well! From version upgrades, to software upgrades, to legacy system upgrades and even cloud migration services, we make sure we know what you want and we make sure you get it!

Managed IT Services & Web, Mobile App Design and Development Company